Off Road Rental Policies

At Off Road Rentals, LLC in Sturgeon Lake, MN we strive to make your off-road adventure enjoyable, memorable and hassle free. However, there is always the legal stuff.

Terms and Conditions

The Items here are an overview of our complete list of Terms and Conditions that accompany each Rental Agreement. To view a full and printable version of our Terms and Conditions Click Here.

Reservations Policy

Reservations, while suggested, are not required. Walk-in, same day rentals are welcome though restricted by available inventory. When making reservations, Renter must provide their valid driver’s license and a Reservation Deposit. The amount of the deposit is $100 and is applied to the eventual rental.

Safety Training

In the state of Minnesota it is required that any ATV driver born after July 1, 1987, and who is 16 years or older is required to complete an online MN ATV/OHM Safety Class before operating an ATV on public lands, frozen waters, public road rights-of-way, or state trails. For more information you can visit the MN DNR Website for ATV/OHM Safety by Clicking Here.

Disclaimer of Warranty

At Off Road Rentals we offer late model, dealer maintained equipment. Each item is tested and inspected on a regular basis. That being said, we cannot accept responsibility for things that happen that are beyond our control.

Also, you agree to inspect the equipment prior to taking possession for any damage or defects and must report any to us. Any damage or defects found upon return that are not known prior to the start time are assumed to be your responsibility. You are also responsible for any lost or stolen items including keys, helmets and the vehicles themselves. For more details view our full Terms and Conditions.

Assumption of Risk

You acknowledge that activities surrounding the use of our rental equipment in Minnesota can be a dangerous activity and you agree to personally assume all risk and liabilities. You also agree that you will not sue us for any reason. For more details view our full Terms and Conditions.

Rules of Operation

At Off Road Rentals we expect you to use the equipment in a safe and proper manner. Familiarize yourself with the equipment, inspect the equipment before use, wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear when appropriate, no drugs or alcohol use during the rental period, pay attention to posted signs and your surroundings and follow all Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regulations. For a complete list visit our Rules of Operation page.

Cancellation Policy

Upon making reservations a Reservation Deposit is required. If you cancel your reservations AT LEAST 14 DAYS in advance you will be given a full refund of your deposit. Deposits will not be returned for cancellation within 14 days of the rental date though may be applied to a single re-scheduled reservation within 12 months of the date of cancellation.

Damage Deposit

A Damage Deposit is required for each vehicle rented. The amount of the Damage Deposit varies by equipment type. For details visit our Rentals page for each type of equipment.