Why Rent

If you’ve ever considered purchasing an off-road vehicle, camper, or fish house then you understand that there’s a great deal more to ownership than just the purchase price.

If you live out in the country and have acres to ride and storage space to keep your toys you may not have to consider the same costs as those who live in more confined areas. When you live in the city, when you have a small space and limited storage area then ownership of any of these recreational items might not be feasible. So, beyond the purchase price you may have to consider maintenance costs and repair costs as well as the costs of storage, insurance and transportation.

Listed above is a brief analysis of the costs associated with ATV ownership. The ownership costs for campers and fish houses can be similar.

At Off Road Rentals we provide you with the excitement and entertainment of recreation and riding without the hassles and headaches of ownership and at a small fraction of the overall cost.

We maintain a fleet of newer model, dealer maintained ATVs and Camper/Fish Houses that can accomodate one to four people. We provide hassle free rental packages that allow you to enjoy your time away rather than worrying about the equipment.

Cost of ownership analysis over a five year period.


Purchase Price 7999.00
Sales Tax 500.00
Trailer 1200.00
Insurance 1500.00
Maintenance 500.00
Storage 2400.00
Total $14,099.00

The true cost of ATV ownership can be thousands of dollars per year. EACH!!

So, if you live in the Twin Cities, in Duluth or really anywhere that is not necessarily rider friendly, then we invite you to come enjoy yourself on the well managed trails all around the Sturgeon Lake area. If you would like to plan your vacation in the Sturgeon Lake area check out Our Area page to see some of what this part of Minnesota has to offer. We look forward to seeing you.